What to Expect from your Prenatal Session


Our mission is to create a safe nonjudgmental peaceful space for you to come and unwind, go inward, and experience quality bodywork. Each session is tailored to your needs as an expectant mother. Positioning during Pregnancy is most important and we go to great lengths to create a position that will be optimal for your relaxation and comfort. Pregnancy massage offers a time and space to bond with your baby and be nurtured through this amazing transformation. Expect a clean, professional environment in which confidentiality and privacy are most respected.


Each massage session you will have a chance to talk one-on-one with the therapist to decide what treatment is ideal. We will discuss pregnancy-related conditions, discomforts, or anxieties. We will discuss your health history, current situation and together create a session, which meets your highest self.

Prenatal Massage

During the course of your massage we use bolsters, pillows, and blankets to bring you into the most comfortable state where your relaxation can begin. Oils and creams that are safe for pregnancy will be used and the majority of the massage will be in side-lying and semi-reclining position. We greatly encourage communication between you and the therapist on pressure, technique, and positioning so that we may best serve you! This is a time to go inward, connect with breath and baby and let the outer world disappear for this time and space.