Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to your appointment. We are located inside The Yoga Dive on the second floor of Miner's Village complex. We do have parking designated for guest. There is also some spots on Sacramento street as well as a free public parking lot a block away (across from Lefty's). If you are able bodied and don't mind a short walk, parking in the public lot across the way is encouraged so that we can leave some spots for other businesses in the complex as well. If you have not filled out the online intake form you will be asked to fill one out upon arrival if this is your first visit.

24-hour notice

In this unpredictable world, there will be such events as illness, delays, unexpected situations that will ultimately happen. We humbly ask for you to give us 24 hours notice of cancellation in advance. This allows another client the opportunity and the practitioner to make up for lost income. If cancellation happens less than 24 hours you will be sent an invoice and charged for your missed appointment. You will not be able to cancel online less than 24-hours so you will have to contact the practitioner directly by phone or email. If in the unfortunate case of an Emergency, you will not be charged, "life happens". Please just let us know as soon as possible.

Late Arrivals

This block of time and space is reserved specifically for you. If you happen to be late to your appointment we will resume whatever time is remaining. We do this so that we can respect and be true to the clients following your appointment.

No Shows

In the unfortunate event this happens you will be expected to pay in full for your missed session. We are a small business and our time is very valuable to us. We ask that you communicate your situation directly in order to resume therapy in the future.

Cell phones

We ask that you complete your calls and texts outside of the building and turn off your phone upon entering. We go to great lengths to create an environment of peace, and healing for you and your self-care starts the moment you enter!