Maitri Bodyworks Massage Services 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique that is “muscle-specific “. Deep tissue massage accesses deeper layers of muscle, tissue, and fascia. This technique can be very gentle work or intense pressure depending on the client's needs. Deep tissue works wonders with connective tissue, adhesions or “knots” and blockages in the body bringing flow, enhanced (ROM) range of movement and deep relaxation. This therapeutic massage is ideal for treating chronic issues, muscular tensions, and over-worked muscles, tendons, and joints.

Swedish Massage

This massage modality is one of the most popular therapies using long gliding strokes directing blood flow towards the heart. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Swedish massage increases white blood cell production increasing immunity and the body’s natural healing abilities. Many studies have shown Swedish massage decreasing the stress hormones in the body. 

Pregnancy Massage

This technique is mostly Swedish massage tailored to each individual expectant mother’s needs. During Pregnancy the body goes through an amazing transition of shifting physically, emotionally and spiritually growing a baby and preparing for birth. Pregnancy massage is so rewarding, gentle and nurturing for mothers to be and babies.

Pregnancy massage is proven to aid in circulation, reduce anxiety; decrease symptoms of depression and release tension in joints and muscles. This technique has been proven to aid in immunity, as well as strengthening the lymphatic system.

Myofascial Release

This technique is a very gentle, safe, and slow method of working with the body’s connective tissue called fascia. Fascia is a complex network of connective tissue that wraps and envelope around the entire body’s muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. This very effective and gentle technique enhances the body’s structural integrity bringing movement and flow back into the body. This process sometimes accesses the body’s subtle emotional level unlocking and unwinding of stagnation held within the body’s tissue and muscles relieving restrictions. This technique is great for post-surgery, Athletes, and Post-natal.

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Chair Massage

Enjoy all the profound benefits of massage at your home, health fairs, appreciating days in the office, or party events. Chair massage aids in healthy productive businesses and happy employees. Massage techniques such as Compression, Thai Massage and Trigger point therapy can be performed on a chair with the client fully clothed, without the use of oils or creams. Chair massage in the workplace improves workers posture, aids in blood oxygen boost to the brain helping employers to think clearer, stress reduction and improves overall morale.


This fascinating therapy has the ability to aid in releasing tension throughout the whole body's tissues, organs, and muscles through specific  "reflex points” in the foot. This technique is specific to the foot and hands and can be performed without the use of creams or oils. Reflexology has been shown to promote deep relaxation, lower anxiety, and have a positive impact on high blood pressure and boost overall vitality.



Acupressure is in some ways similar to reflexology with the use of the thumbs applying steady long gentle or firm pressure to a specific point on the body, which positively affects the energy lines (meridians) in the body. This therapy can stimulate, bring flow, release tension and restore vitality.