“Maitri” to me is a Meditation Practice.
Practice of being.
Practice of serving and offering myself to others.



Maitri (Pronounced My-tree) is an ancient Sanskrit term used to define the Buddhist principle or practice of unconditional compassion and loving-kindness towards oneself.

In Buddhism, loving-kindness (maitri) is the first of the Four Immeasurable, or Limitless Ones, which are Buddhist virtues and meditation practices to cultivate each one.

Most commonly translated as love or loving-kindness, maitri also means loving-kindness to oneself and is the foundation of the four virtues, which are:
Immeasurable love
Immeasurable compassion
Immeasurable joy
Immeasurable equanimity


Meet the therapist

My role is of a facilitator of your body’s natural and amazing healing abilities by applying Therapeutic-healing modalities. The heart of my work is rooted in your body’s innate ability to heal itself.
I began my career performing, teaching and studying dance and movement for 25 years. Fascinated with Anatomy and Physiology of movement, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and transitioned into various Massage and Bodywork modalities collecting an array of training such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial release, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, and energy work techniques.
Weaving all my training and life’s experiences together I offer to you a grounded, healing environment to facilitate a space for deep relaxation and connection with self.